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2 & 3 de Fevereiro

19h BRT (10pm bst)

🇧🇷: Um workshop explorative e introdutório que oferece oportunidades para participantes investigarem movimentos corporais, aproveitar ritmos musicais e sequências contemporâneas. O workshop é adequado para participantes sem experiência, dançarinos curiosos, ou simplesmente aqueles que adoro movimento. Após o workshop haverá uma conversa de 15 minutos oferecendo uma oportunidade para os participantesfazerem perguntas, trocar ideias, construir uma compreensão de arte e cultura pós COVIDE-19. 

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🇬🇧: An exploratory and introductory workshop that offers opportunities for participants to investigate body movements, enjoy musical rhythms and contemporary sequences. The workshop is suitable for inexperienced participants, curious dancers, or simply those who love movement. After the workshop, there will be a 15-minute conversation offering an opportunity for participants to ask questions, exchange ideas, build an understanding of art and culture after COVIDE-19.

Join us! 

Africa in Motion Film Festival - Movement Workshop


4th Nov 2020 

7.30 - 8:15 pm BST

As part of the Africa in Motion Film Festival, Sara will be leading a 45min beginners movement workshop following the screening of Kamy Lara’s visceral documentary. Join us and expect to sweat a little, find joy within the musical rhythms and experience healing through movement. 

Join us for this FREE workshop.

Love Lunch X Dance Umbrella - Choreography Exploration with Sara Dos Santos


16th July 2020 

13:00 - 14:00 pm BST

A relaxed, explorative and introductory class offering a chance for participants to investigate a gentle full range of body movements, tap into musical rhythms and contemporary sequences. Sara works alongside participants to build up strength, agility, accuracy and grace-filled flow.

This workshop is in collaboration with Dance Umbrella and Team London Bridge. 


Friday 17th April

3.00 pm BST

Alongside 5 other incredible workshops, Sara will be delivering her first digital workshop as part of Dance Umbrella's Dancing From Home Programme: FREE online dance workshops Suitable for ages 11+ (13+ for Yoga). Join the 5 days endeavour of different dance styles including Contemporary, Hip Hop, Bhangra-Hip Hop Fusion, Yoga for dance and an introduction to choreography. No previous dance experience necessary.

The Workshop: Is an Introduction to choreography session exploring musicality, rhythm and breath. Sara's multidisciplinary background often Interlacices storytelling in order to explorative choreography suitable for all curious dancers.

Professional Classes at The Place

24th -28th Feb 

09:00 am - 10.30am

A week of Morning Professional Dance classes at The Place.  Join Sara for a relaxed, dynamic and technical class intertwining a combination of her favourite dance styles that include release, Horton and Jazz techniques, infusing floor work and contact improvisation.


Highly influenced by music and rhythm, each class will offer participants the opportunity to use a full range of body movements that build up strength, agility, accuracy and flow. Through a variety of sequences, dancers will have the opportunity to experiment with breath, self-expression and draw from personal experience


9th April 2019

10 am-12 pm (2hrs). 

GIRLS IN FRONT (GIF) is a series of free fun and energetic dance projects for girls aged 11 to 18 years old in Croydon.  Sarah will offer a bespoke series of contemporary dance workshops exploring identity, musicality and storytelling widening participants understanding of physicality, discipline and technique. Led by Dance Umbrella and in partnership with Croydon Council and Croydon Music & Arts. 

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